Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Comic

So we've started work on the first story of our Halloween-themed comic. This story is called The Halloween Party of Eternal Doom. This is a messed up story. Cheeseman's Halloween party gets cursed by a ghoul. Subsequently death and doom come to the party. Monsters, insanity, and whodunnits. I think the craziest part is that Bowling Ball goes on a candy-corn binge and hallucinates candy corn everywhere.

The odd part about our Halloween issue is that it is not called Tales of Terror from the Bowling Alley as presumed. That would make it part of the Bowling Ball series. This is called B & B Halloween, meaning we have characters from our other universes. We're thinking about continuing this trend.

It is true all of the stories in the comic feature Bowling Ball, and two are reprinted from the Bowling Ball series. But we just thought it would be cool to do three different universes (these being Bowling Ball; the unpublished Cheeseman/House of Cheeseman, who is Brendan's favorite creation; and the upcoming Schnickle Hospital, which I created). I think Brendan still wanted to give Cheeseman a moment in the spotlight as it was not elected as the new series. I can only imagine why he is not featuring Detective Luffagus, the other un-elected comic, in this collection.

So far we have only established two towns in the Bowling Ball universe - Snig (a name of my creation) and Innsmouth (a tribute to H.P. Lovecraft). We may actually throw the Cheeseman kingdoms (ie., Biddybuns and Lightning) into the mix, along with Schnickle Hospital. Hopefully Detective Luffagus can fit into some of that mix. I would think he would be best suited in Snig, which might become the capital of Biddybuns.

Money is limited, so so is this comic. We are only making, like, two copies (or maybe three). We have got four subscribers, but their subscriptions do not count limited editions as stated in the terms of service. So we might wanna hold a contest...? I don't know. But this is gonna be a freakin' AWESOME comic. We have The Halloween Party of Eternal Doom, The Phantom of Snig, Urban Legends, and reprints of The Cellar and The Partner in Crime!, two of the most successful Bowling Ball stories to date. Both reprints have a scary theme - the character of Cellar in The Cellar is inspired by Poe's The Black Cat, while The Partner in Crime! is an obvious tribute to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. And who knows? We might have some parodies in Urban Legends, which are THREE stories. Oh, and The Phantom of Snig is a tribute to both the fantastic book, movies, and musical of The Phantom of the Opera, which I love.

Oh God! We got a heck of a lot of parodies in here. ALL the stories are parodies, practically.

Okay, guys. Thanks for reading. I'm really excited about our Halloween comic, which is written and illustrated by B & B Productions AND produced by Red Death Productions! Bye!

P.S. I love Halloween. Its freakin' insane. I like horror, if you haven't noticed.

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