Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick Talk About "Witch House"

Cover for CD. Art ("Mutated Trinity") by Carlos Garcia Rivera

Oh God.

Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera was released last Saturday. I pre-ordered the concept album the night before it came out. This was because I had listened to all the sample tracks I could that they showed on their website, Witch House Rocks. You can hear them under "Aural Delusions," the "Signum Crucis" concept video, and a short sample at the end of all their videos (the videos are under "Forbidden Secrets"). The ones you can listen to fully are "Dreams in the Witch House" (homepage), "The Nightmare," "Azathoth," "Nothing I Can Do," (under "Aural Delusions,"), "No Turning Back," "Madness is My Destiny," and "Signum Crucis" (under "Forbidden Secrets").

The music is SOOOOO freakin' good. Oh, my God. If you like Phantom of the Opera like I do, you'll like the music here. Witch House isn't as good as Phantom, but I am not here to compare.

This project was pioneered by Mike Dalager, who is the executive producer, and co-lyricist, who also plays the leading role of Walter Gilman. His singing is exceptionally good (except in "Azathoth"). He said he read the story while going to a meeting about Nyarlathotep the Black Pharaoh/Crawling Chaos/Black Man of the Witch Cult. He was working on a little project using deleted Nyarlathotep footage from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's 'Mythoscope' film version of The Whisperer in the Darkness. He read the story and promptly decided to get a gang together and make a rock opera. Chris Laney was chosen to compose the heavy metal piece. Laney also plays "Brown Jenkin," a really disturbing rat-creature/

This has an extraordinary amount of talent with it - for example, Bruce Kulick is a guitar player in the Witch House band. You can hear him in "Nothing I Can Do."

That's it for now. Sorry it wasn't too much. But really, check their website out.

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