Monday, October 21, 2013

Brendan's New Series

Brendan, after I talked him into it, has decided to make his first professional movie series.

I was talking to him about how his success in comic books was the gateway to film. Now, I know we made our own film already (Brendan O'Connell's Worthington Manor, directed by yours truly), but it was about ten minutes long and did not receive high-quality treatment or distribution. Brendan prefers Lovecraft over Poe (I beg to differ), and I put an idea in his head - direct a five part series, each film being based on a chapter of Herbert West - Reanimator. I'm writing the film and playing Herbert West (whoo-hoo!) and Brendan is directing and playing the narrator, whom we are calling Howard Philips (just go with it). I am currently writing the first installment, From the Dark.

Lovecraft was not a nice person for one main reason - he was racist. I am not saying Poe was particularly nice either (he was a scathing critic and rather arrogant), but Lovecraft was worse. Thank GOODNESS Poe is superior to Lovecraft. I would hate my favorite author to be so incredibly racist. I mean, The Horror at Red Hook is just Lovecraft's racism culminating in a freakin' horror story about foreign people!

I hate your personality, Lovecraft, but your writing is okay.

But it isn't Poe. Not by a long shot. 

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