Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day!

Hello, and happy April Fool's Day - the day where you need to expect everyone stabbing you in the back!

I have some stuff to do. Let us begin with some Poe stories that can relate to this. When you click on the title, you'll be re-directed to the full story (with helpful annotated definitions of difficult words) on the amazing site Poe Stories and the site for the amazing Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore. I am working on a page on THIS site with all of Poe's stories (and a short description by me). Until then, these will be my sources. The descriptions I am going to give for the stories are by me, not from either sites.

Hop-Frog - That classic story of revenge, love, and, of course, evil dwarfs throwing fire at nobles dressed as orangutans. Naturally tied to a chandelier. [Click title to go to annotated Poe Stories site.]

King Pest - A comedic little venture by Poe. A bit confusing the first time round, but still very enjoyable. Just a little tidbit - Robert Louis Stevenson said that anyone who could write this story has "ceased to be a human being." [Click title to see the story as it originally appeared in the Southern Literary Messenger.]

The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether - This is a comedy too. However, when I first read it, I was more interested in some of the awesome discussions in the story than this element. This story is funny, interesting, and possesses, above all, an extremely colorful cast of characters. [Click title to go to annotated Poe Stories site.]

Well! There you go. Some Poe stories to get you in that mood.

Secondly, I would like to announce that we got an AMAZING message from ProgMetalZone. We mentioned our film, and they said that they would try to promote it when it was done! Maybe I'm over-reacting, but it is exciting!

Now I want to show you guys something I found on DeviantArt. It's entitled "The Red Death," and was done beautifully by the user vladimirsangel.

I love how the Red Death is a cat. I don't know why. But it's so right.

This was a lovely piece of art, and I think you should see it. All credit to the amazing artist valdimirsangel!

By the by, I got a notification about this ThoughtArt thing and I tried it. Trust me. It's a scam. It doesn't work at all.

Next, I urge you to buy something from the following places:
  • Please, check out Mockman Press! I got the independently published comic book The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath and Other Stories for my brother. It was first funded on Kickstarter. I am so glad it was. It is an amazing comic and is worth buying.
  • The artist Jason McKittrick runs an independent Lovecraftian art company called Cryptocurium, which makes props based on Lovecraft. As you may or may not know, this fabulous artist made some props for our movie that were commissioned by me. I hope you purchase something - its all worth it! You'll find something for you, I'm sure... 
Finally, I'd just like to talk about this amazing new project. I can't even tell you how awesome it is - you really must see this site for itself. Here - check it out!


Naww, you guys knew it was coming. Happy April Fool's Day!

- Brian

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