Friday, December 27, 2013

Great News!

I commented on Dreams in the Witch House's Mike Dalager video. I wrote:

Read the full review at

This morning, I just checked on their Google+ page. To my pleasant surprise, they had replied to my comment. They wrote (with format edits by myself):

Brian, we really appreciate all your enthusiasm and support for Dreams in the Witch House! Awesome blog report too!  We've actually posted a link to it on our Facebook Fan page, so you should be getting some healthy hits in no time.  Our New Year's ambition is to continue spreading the word, and hopefully gain some ground in recouping our investment, while aiming for the future goal of getting our concept realized on stage. It's fans like you who will get us there.  BIG thanks from team Witch House!!!

That was amazing enough (and I did note some extra page-views this morning). But I had to see the Facebook page.

Keziah Mason LOVES Witch House uber-fan, Brian O'Connell!!! Check out Brian's mega-comprehensive "Azablog" review of DITWH at his Red Death Productions site: Rock on, Brian!

Azablog! That's a good one, you guys.

And the icing on the cake? A comment from Alaine Kashian.

Wow. What an amazing review. Thank you, Brian O'Connell.

Now, that means a lot to me, you guys. Thank you for making the most amazing concept album I have ever heard.

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