Friday, September 27, 2013

The Musical and Others

My brother has persuaded me to write Bowling Ball - The Musical.

Weird title, isn't it?

Weird subject, too, because we only released the SECOND EDITION YESTERDAY.

But aye, dear reader, Bowling Ball - The Musical is in progress. It tells a legit version of the Bowling Ball saga, which isn't finished but has been plotted out. And, if I do say so myself (as co-composer/co-lyricist/co-book-writer/co-designer/co-illusionist), it isn't half bad. I've already written a pretty awesome song for the villain I created for the series, Shatter. It's called "Shattering."
We also have a song for the townspeople of Snig called "Happiness." It's a kind of "Ding-Dong The Witch is Dead" song, except, this is the defeat of the Spooky Spider (just go with it). It's also where we are introduced to some new characters - Herbert, the reporter, and Mayor Worthington (named after my villainous character in my brother's movie Worthington Manor). There's going to be quite a few twists and turns - in fact, the story we've plotted out is strangely...well, deep - for a musical of this kind, anyway. We have Shatter nearly feeling remorse at times. Herbert, a supporting character, has the most curious turns I've seen in a character we've created.
This is going to be an interesting show.

I'm also writing a musical based on - you guessed it - The Masque of the Red Death. I'm not really talking about this one until I'm done; I don't really now what songs I'm doing. We have an interesting (self-created) subplot, though.

B & B ALSO has a new series called Wivel and Bivle, which is about two forest elves that try to thwart the town on the edges of the forest - at the centre of which is the Church of Cthulhu. Yes, we have H.P. Lovecraft in this one. In fact, the Church of Cthulhu is on MY part. My brother came up with the characters, I came up with a Lovecraftian-deity possesed town who hate forest elves.


That was the wrong way to put that.


Sorry about that. I just think that, even though our ideas are weird, they appeal. Bowling Ball (the comic) is storming the castle and we don't even have three editions out.

And on Tales of the Grotesque. First off, ignore that this is dragging on forever. Secondly, I STILL haven't finished my comic adaptation of The Masque of the Red Death. I'm out of paper. I fear that my child will not be out been Halloween. My brother won't start on his Tell-Tale Heart. We have to get to work if we want this. ONE comic finished in an entire book with a marked due date is NOT good.

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