Monday, September 23, 2013

An Introduction

Red Death Productions is a "company" that produces, directs, stages, publishes, and so on, musicals, books, and movies. Our divisions are these:
Red Death Theatre, Red Death Publishing, and, of course, Red Death Cinema. We were previously Treble Clef Productions/Film Studios, but recently changed our name to pay homage to my favorite Edgar Allan Poe story, The Masque of the Red Death. I am also co-manager of the renowned B & B Productions, and also co-write its blog, My younger brother, Brendan, runs ChuckleStudio6 (which, at present, doesn't have a blog). We work together as B & B Productions.

Red Death Productions specializes in films of a darker nature. ChuckleStudio6, as its name suggests, specializes in comedy. Together, we mostly work on comedy. We write the popular Bowling Ball comic series. I used to co-write (with an associate, who will remain anonymous) an unfinished comic series called Real Housewives of the Plantation. I'll get into that later.

Well, that's enough of an introduction. I'm Brian O'Connell, and this is Red Death Productions.

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