Saturday, April 26, 2014

Usher Twins Double Post - Mark Foster & the Poster Art | I Walk into the Phantom's Lair

Mark Foster & the Poster Art
I originally posted this on Azablog, the official site for my Dreams in the Witch House film. It concerns some poster art.

I have been waiting for a response from Carlos Garcia Rivera. In the meantime, I have found another poster artist who is incredibly talented. This is Mark Foster of H.P. Lovecraft Art.

We've been chatting and I am saving up the money for the commission. Today, Mr. Foster sent me these preliminary sketches for the poster art that looks very promising.

This shows some downright CREEPY sketches of Nyarlathotep reaching out. Added with a Cabin in the Woods-esque Witch House, violet light, stars, claws, and Keziah, I was blown away by these designs.

Some beautiful Nyarlathotep sketches for the poster.

If Mr. Rivera accepts, than thanks, we'll take that. But two posters for one film is not uncommon, and I think that Mark Foster is an incredibly talented artist.

I Walk into the Phantom's Lair

I did this with a greenscreen my father brought home from work.

Oh, and I'm not screaming because of his face. I'm screaming because he's courting Mary Philbin. [Shoot! That wasn't good at all!]

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