Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Somnambulist's Nightmare

A long time ago, I had the idea to create a horror comic to circulate with our humorous Bowling Ball series.

Well, that dream is coming true. The Somnambulist's Nightmare will have its first issue out soon. Here, I'll give you the list, with a short description.

The Outsider
H.P. Lovecraft | Brian O'Connell
My own Expressionistic take on Lovecraft's classic Gothic tale. And I don't mean to sound self-centered, but I pride myself on the depiction of the monster (its EASY to draw decaying corpses!) and the splash page which depicts a shadow on the wall of a decaying castle (thank you, Cabinet of Doctor Caligari). However, I am going to re-do most of the art.

Edgar Allan Poe | Brendan O'Connell
Brendan has re-illustrated and adapted the tale, and this time, it's freakin' scary. He added in some more motives for Hop-Frog (a cage to sleep in). And the way the "orangutans" look is something to make you shudder. Brendan is almost done. I can't wait to see his burning corpses. I mean, those orangutans are TERRIFYING. I find that this has its good and bad qualities - the start of his original comic is better, the end of this one is better.

The Conqueror Worm
Edgar Allan Poe | Brian O'Connell
I just did this in one sitting - literally right before I started writing this post. Yeah. The entire thing. The poem is typed. Every page is filled with creepy skulls, crying women, and gloomy angels. The Conqueror Worm itself? It's basically made up of skulls and screaming faces that devour the angels, solidifying it's symbolism of death and decay. At the end, I wrote a quote from Ligeia...and, rather embarrassingly, ran out of room.

A Day Dream
Fitz-James O'Brien | Brendan O'Connell
This is a lesser-known, awesome, and humorous parody of horror fiction by an Irish writer whom I feel I must read more of. Brendan has barely started, but his colorful characters - featuring purple and green suits, moustached faces, and exaggerated grins - tell me that this adaptation is very promising.

This thing is also an outlet for me to do some abstract. And abstract I have done. I created a cover that features a weird head - gonna call this feller Tenebrarum Tantibus- along with Cthulhu, the Pendulum, and a Red Death with his back to the viewer in a dark corner.

I think I'm gonna post some of this stuff on DeviantArt (well, what are you waiting for - check out my profile). No art on there yet, but stuff is a-coming this way.

Oh, and we plan to shoot a small shot in the main titles of The Dreams in the Witch House today - in other words, THE FIRST SHOT! I'll post it when we do it, along with a documentary clip...featuring me and Brendan!

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