Friday, January 3, 2014

Some Cool Snow Day Videos

There's about 8 inches to a foot of snow outside. The dog, Kerry, loves to go out - but she comes in wet and then we have to dry her so the furniture won't get wet.

There's also a flurry that's forming a small whirlwind.

This scenario reminds me of The Shining by Stephen King. You know that book has had a lot of inspiration from Masque of the Red Death? It quotes the story, there's a masquerade, and one of the lines - "and the Red Death held sway over all - " well, that's direct referencing! In King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower, they allude to the story more...forwardly.

Okay, now that I've started talking about that book, you HAVE to see this parody trailer that makes The Shining look like a family movie. It was uploaded by Rob Miller but he gives the credit to...Something Awful Goon. Whoever he is.

And now that I've mentioned THAT, you have to see these.

And now that I've shown you THOSE, you really must see this French animated version of Red Death. The ending is wonderfully creepy. I do love it.

 And finally, that 1969 Zagreb animation/interpretation of The Masque of the Red Death. I already posted this, but since I just posted a random selection of videos, this might as well go in, too.

Oh, shoot! I can't get it up...well, just click on the link I gave you to my previous post. Happy New Year.

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