Thursday, December 12, 2013

"The Tell-Tale Heart" In Post-Production!

The script has been started.

I myself am writing the screenplay. The text contains much of Poe's narrative, intermingled with my edits. Occasionally I will take a liberty and put in my own version of the dialogue, all of which is based upon Poe's narrative. In these occasions, I will slide in bits of the original narrative.

The animation (of which Brendan is the director) has only been limited to mere sketches. Time permitting, we shall probably write a storyboard for these sequences, which rely heavily on surrealism. Brendan and I have agreed that the sequences should be what the madman might view if he suffered a nightmarish hallucination. Designing these will be no easy task...perhaps we should not animate at all. In any case, we'll find out.

The cast - and crew - is made solely of Brendan and I, although I have a bit of a contender in one of Brendan's friends in the crew. See my Blog Diary on The Tell-Tale Heart page for more info.

See you later, as always.

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