Thursday, November 28, 2013

Poe - What YouTube Has to Offer

First off, happy Thanksgiving! In order to get into the festivity mood of pilgrims and colonists, here's a link where you can learn about the Salem Witch Trials! Oh, and here's a GREAT book on it! Seriously! It's awesome!

Okay, people! These are YouTube's great Poe videos, at least as far as I know. It was really hard compiling this list, but here are some of the goodies you'll find. Yep! Poe stuff from an eleven-year-old who knows more about the author then a high schooler! Enjoy!

Note: I own nothing. Don't sue me.
Above the video and my comments on it is the title. This title is actually a link to the video on YouTube, but you can also watch it here.

This is an awesome adaptation. I know, I know, I posted this already, but it is just amazing. And while it focuses more on the figurative fall, Roderick is named Roger, and the ending is changed a little, it is still a good show.

Posted by Andrew Brown.

Astounding! This is so cool! This actually gave me a new perspective on the story, and I have to say, this perspective is better. The acting - the sets - the adaptation - astounding! Simply astounding. And while Red Death is my favorite story by Poe, this is the best film on the list. Seriously. It's amazing, so put it in your favorites right now - but only if you like Poe.

Posted by NebulaLegionis, film by Rob Green.

This was the first cartoon to be rated X, and probably the only 1950's cartoon - no, the only cartoon, period - that has ever really given me the creeps. There are a lot of really spooky scenes in here. It is narrated by James Mason, who does a good job. The animation is so surreal...

Posted by AllThingsTraliers, film by Ted Parmelee.


Definitely not the best in here. I really like this, but to a somewhat lesser extent than the others. It adapts the story brilliantly, and the sets are wonderful - it is just that the sets for Montresor's catacombs seem more like a cave than a burial ground. It does say "shot on location at Longhorn Caverns, Texas." It's cool, don't get me wrong - in fact, it's pretty awesome - it just isn't one of the best. But it deserves a place here.

Posted by John Carroll.

The Pit and the Pendulum - while an amazing thing - is much more of a scene. Involving the Spanish Inquisition and horrible tortures within a dungeon prison, Pit is hard to adapt, but, when pulled off, is usually astounding. Vincent Price's effort is crazily good. This is, like the previous contestant, one that is not exactly to my taste. The story has almost no dialogue and relies on visuals (as the story should be). At a snappy 5:11, this story wraps things up. There are inconsistencies. The adaptation features little or none of Poe's dialogue, but remains faithful to the story throughout. Oh, and ignore the poster's ads.

Posted by bravofact, film by Marc Lougee.

BERENICE Parts One and Two

Edgar Allan Poe's absolutely HORRIFYING tale has been unjustly overlooked way too long. This story is your nightmares written on a sheet of paper. This adaptation is not as scary as the original, but it is faithful and does a bit of justice to the original. Though the original is scarier. By a lot.

Both posted by Chicken Wing Media, film by Zander Nash.


This was a difficult pick. Filmed in the University of Technology, Sydney, it uses great advantage of it's small budget. Oh, and I know it doesn't have the coloured rooms, which takes away a small part of it's allegorical meaning, BUT they probably didn't have these on hand. It's not like one builds a college with that stuff. In any case, they did a great job in any case.


Posted by Mat Tyler Multimedia, film by Mat van Rhoon.

Ah. A good day of giving you what good quality Youtube has in terms of death and dementia. [sigh] Isn't Poe great?

Did you check out those Salem Witch Trials links? Pretty cool, right? But seriously, what happened was terrible. [makes the Sign of the Cross] Sorry. I try to be kinda religious. But that book is good. Really. Buy it! You have to read it and look at the amazingly terrifying illustrations.

To sign off, I give an already posted Red Death musical. It was posted by PiPE Dream Theatre, and is adapted from Red Death, The Tell-Tale Heart, House of Usher, The Raven, and Berenice. A fitting end to our Thanksgiving cornucopia of misery. Goodbye for now!

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