Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Could Spend All Evening...

I wanna say something I decided to put here as opposed to the start of my next post, which I am working on AS I SPEAK. My brother is (reluctantly) watching Disney's Marvel Halloween Special on Disney. Spiderman was fighting Dracula (?) and Spiderman was winning. Spiderman is soooo stupid and won't freakin' shut up. And this is just AWFUL. THE HOWLING FREAKIN' COMMANDOS? What the heck!? Dracula would beat up Spiderman before that idiot could cry for his mommy. I cannot emphasize the stupidity of this. And Zendaya's song "Replay?" SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING, PEOPLE! Oh God. Its on again. Shut up, you idiot. I hate you. Oh, hey, Hulk and Thor had a child! They called him...wait, that's freakin' FRANKENSTEIN? Way to put a stain on the bedsheet that is great literature. And they made a character called the MAN THING? Is that the best thing you could think of, Marvel? Here is an actual quote: "Hey! Say hello to our giant Man-Thing!" Spiderman wearing his costume as a kid? HE BECAME A FREAKIN' SUPERHERO WHEN HE WAS AN ADULT! Ugh! By the way, the Invisible Man's only line in this crap is THE SAME LINE Vincent Price spoke in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein: "Allow me to introduce myself; I am the Invisible Man." The last line of the movie is spoken right after by Spiderman: "Uh? Cool! I got pantsed by the Invisible Man!" WHAT THE HECK?! I could go on. I could make a review of this crap. But it really isn't worth it, there is too much to make fun of. I don't even HAVE to TRY. To try to try.

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